The Newest Assault Vessel In Kronstadt  (VIDEO)

In the water area of ​​Kronstadt, a detachment of counteraction to the sabotage forces and facilities of the Leningrad Naval Base of the Western Military District conducted a training exercise using the newest assault landing craft (DSL) of Project 02800, the Okrug press office reported.

According to the legend of the exercises, a detachment of counteractions to saboteurs in the course of patrolling the Kronstadt raid discovered a group of the conventional enemy who penetrated the territory of the naval base.

The saboteurs were destroyed with the help of the assault landing craft of project 02800. On combat effectiveness this vessel is compared with the infantry marine vehicle.

The LSL is designed to carry out patrol and anti-sabotage missions. In particular, the high-speed delivery of assault and assault groups to the shore and the search groups for the detained ship, fire support for special operations units and marines.

The closed landing department and the bow of the assault boat have anti-bullet booking. Armored glass windows are installed on the windows of the cabin. The boat is capable of speeding up to 35 knots and can be armed with any of the largest heavy machine guns such as KPVT, Kord and Utes.

At the final stage of the exercise, the issues of mine defense of ships in a protected raid were worked out.