New large marine logistics center for fishing industry was established in Port of Kamchatka

port on KamchatkaA new large marine logistics center was build in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky port, including refrigeration complex project with capacity of 15,000 tons, building of new mooring facilities, repair shop for service between voyages of fishing fleet, refrigerated warehouse and platform. The new logistic center will establish a cargo hub in Terminal Seroglazka at the free port on Kamchatka, but also is part from the government program for development of Northern Sea Route. It will cater to the needs of fishing enterprises to maintain fishing vessels while in port, as well as refrigerated transport of fish products ready for export, bypassing the transshipment ports in South Korea, China and Vladivostok. The total amount of project investment is estimated to 876 million rubles (14.70 million USD).

The project is already underway, as already were started the construction and reconstruction of berthing facilities, refrigeration and storage capacity. This year the company plans to send the first ship to Kamchatka fish products on the Northern Sea Route.

“The decision of establishment of the new large marine logistics center will increase the volume of transshipment in its own port companies to 800,000 tons per year, to create a large marine refrigerated terminal on the eastern coast of Russia, and to establish direct supply of goods in the ports of Asia, Europe, the US Northern Sea Route”, said the official statement of Terminal Seroglazka.

Cold storage terminal Seroglazka is located in Seroglazka bay near great Russian city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The port facilities of fishing company AKROS were used to establish this terminal as a separate company. The terminal “Seroglazka” is a joint project in cooperation with Kamchatka lines LLC.