Navy Divers Discarded Oil Spill After Sinking Of Salmon Vessel In Chiloé

The first submarine inspections confirmed that the oil tank of the boat with 67 thousand liters of fuel remains sealed, in addition it was observed that the 37 thousand salmon that the ship was carrying are still in hermetic ponds.

After the sinking of the salmon vessel “Seikongen”, which was a product of a shell hull, in the circumstances of the salmonids embarkation operations from the Pilpilehue center, south of the Yal Channel, in the Chonchi commune, the Navy deployed a to avoid contamination in the sector.

Mariners of the Local Sub-Center to Combat Pollution of Castro, dependent on the Fifth Naval Zone, arrived at the scene of the emergency with all the elements of containment and recovery, due to the existing danger of spillage of oily substances.

After an inspection by divers of the Navy, it was possible to verify that the tank containing 67 thousand liters of oil in the damaged ship remains sealed, so there would be no danger of spillage.

Meanwhile, the 37,000 live salmon that the ship moved, remain inside its sealed ponds, but without oxygen, so that they would already be dead, but without risk for the moment of environmental damage.

Marine Governor of Castro, Captain of Frigate, Hector Aravena, commented that “throughout the night the Navy continued to install anti-pollution barriers in the sector where the ship is sunk. For the moment it has been observed, after the dive realized, that the ship to be modern has systems of block of ponds, reason why the oily residues present in the water are minimum “. 


At the moment there are 600 liters of fuel that has been spilled from two drums that were on the deck of the ship, leaving still 67 thousand liters of oil in the sealed ponds of the ship.

It should be noted that during the day today, the company CPT owner of the sunken vessel, will hold meetings with the Navy to coordinate the work to refloat the ship and continue with the preventive measures to avoid environmental damage. In the meantime, the company must meet with SERNAPESCA for the salmon retirement action plan.