“Mosquito Fleet” of Ukraine Will Be Able to Act Only in the Role of Kamikaze – Expert

The Ukrainian Navy was told about the creation of “mosquito forces”, designed to become a strike force for the fleet. Military historian Sergei Chennyk on air radio Sputnik shared his opinion about what these forces will be capable of.


The first serial missile boat of Ukrainian manufacture “Lan” will be included in the composition of the Ukrainian Navy in 2019, said the commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Igor Voronchenko, the “Ukrainian militaristic portal” reports.

According to the commander, the outline draft of the boat is already ready. “Lan” should become the basis of the shock potential of the Ukrainian Navy, in accordance with the concept for the development of “mosquito forces” adopted for the coming years, the publication notes.


The plan will be built at least three boats. It is expected that they will be armed with Ukrainian anti-ship missiles “Neptune”, which are currently being developed, and foreign fire systems.


Previously, Voronchenko said that the boats of project 58260 “Lan” will be assembled at the Kiev shipyard “Kuznitsa on Fisherman”, which belongs to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

In October, Ukrainian media reported that the Ukrainian Navy was implementing the tactics of the “wolf pack”, which the command plans to use against the Black Sea Fleet of Russia. The essence of tactics is the simultaneous attack of several light armored combat vehicles against one enemy.


Military historian, editor-in-chief of military-historical magazine “Military Crimea”, Lieutenant-Colonel Sergey Chennyk on Sputnik radio said that such tasks are not possible for these armored tanks.


“The basis for the creation of the” mosquito fleet “was laid the project of the armored” Gyurza “, which in due time were developed for Uzbekistan, to perform service on the rivers. It is clear that Ukraine modernized this project so that it could carry out tasks at sea. But if you read the reviews of those who operate such a boat, it turns out that these reviews are not the most joyful. Because the ship even in the finished version can be considered relatively combat-ready. All they can do is to break up fishermen in the coastal waters. For something more – to counteract the modern fleet, which Ukraine dreams about: they say, we hang missiles, and we can do anything – they do not suit. They can serve only kamikaze, “- said Sergey Chennyk.Mosquito Forces


According to him, the Navy of Ukraine should not expect to carry out serious military operations.

“To date, the Ukrainian Navy uses an interesting term:” ships are conditionally combat-ready “. The flagship of the Ukrainian Navy “Getman Sagaidachny” is on a long-term repair, and when it comes out – it’s unclear. And everything that can more or less be able to swim is conditionally combat-ready: the corvettes “Ternopil”, the ship of control “Slavutich” and the landing ship “Konstantin Olshansky”. Such heterogeneity suggests that with the help of these Navies it is possible, at best, to land troops in Zimbabwe, but nothing more. And to conduct operations with such a fleet with a more powerful maritime power is only for those who want to die heroically, “Sergei Chennyk said.


Source: Maritime News of Russia