Missing sailors of the destroyer Fitzgerald died

In the flooded part of the destroyer Fitzgerald were found the dead bodies of the missing sailors. The dead were sent USS FITZGERALD Deathsto a hospital in the city of Yokosuka to be officially identified.

The Seamen who disappeared during the collision of the American destroyer Fitzgerald with the Philippine merchant vessel, were all killed, their bodies were found in the flooded part of the ship, the Seventh Fleet of the USA reports.

Earlier it was reported that as a result of the incident three people were injured, seven were missing, but with these new reports it has been confirmed that the crew members who were missing are dead.

As was previously reported, the incident, took place at 2:20am when most of the 285 ship’s crew were sleeping. After the collision, with large volumes of water flooding into two berthing compartments, this was were all the bodies of the missing sailors were found  with no life.

On the morning of Saturday, a report on the collision of the US destroyer USS Fitzgerald (length 154 meters, displacement 8.3 thousand tons) and the Philippine container ship (length 222.6 meters, displacement 29 thousand tons) ACX was received on Saturday morning by the security service at the sea of ​​the port of Shimoda in the Japanese prefecture of Shizuoka Crystal is 20 kilometers from the coast.