Missing man from jack-up rig Noble Lloyd Noble in North Sea

Noble Lloyd NobleOffshore worker is missing from Noble Corporation-owned jack-up rig Noble Lloyd Noble, which is operating at Statoil’s Mariner field in the North Sea on 90 nautical miles east off Shetland, UK. The accident was reported to Scotland Police last evening after the crew was unable to find the 49 year-old man on board of the platform. The local authorities and Coast Guard launched air and sea search and rescue operation for the missing worker, engaging helicopter, two supply vessels and nearby ships. Noble Drilling also had mobilized emergency response teams in Aberdeen and Stavanger to support the search effort. The operations on board of the rig were stopped during the rescue operations.

“An extensive search of the rig itself and the water surrounding it is ongoing, led by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency”, said Inspector Steve McEwan from Scotland Police. “We are working closely with the companies involved and next of kin to keep them informed of any developments”, added he.

The offshore field is Mariner is operated by Statoil, but jack=up rig is owned by Noble Corporation. The both companies deployed all the forces in the searching of the missing person, but currently without success.

“Statoil vessels have been involved in an extensive search of the water surrounding the rig and together we will continue to do everything we can to support the ongoing search effort”, said the statement of Noble Drilling. “Our priorities are the safety of all the personnel on board, assisting in the search operation for the missing person and supporting next of kin and colleagues of the missing person. All operations have been stood down on the rig”, adds the text.

Noble Lloyd Noble is one of the world’s largest jack-up drilling rigs, which was built in 2016 by Jurong Shipyard. It started operations at the Mariner field last December. The platform is modern and hi-tech, implementing the latest standards of offshore engineering.