Marine Department Provides Statement Regarding Cargo Ship Salvage Operation in Discovery Bay

The marine salvage of Chinese cargo ship ‘Yu Hai 1’ has seen significant progress in the last week, with the once sunken ship now raised and slowly making movement.

DB resident Caroline Clery has been monitoring the ship’s progress, saying yesterday that “[the ship] has been moved to slightly deeper water, I assume to see if it floats unassisted.”

In a statement to Around DB and Life on Lantau, the Marine Department said, “The Protection and Indemnity Club (P&I Club) appointed by the owner of the vessel ‘Yu Hai 1’ commenced the salvage operation on October 3 [which] is expected to be completed by end of October. The Marine Department has reminded the salvage contractor of the P&I Club to minimize the light and noise pollution to residents in Discovery Bay, and not to impede marine traffic at Nim Shue Wan.

Yu Hai 1

In addition, the contractor has deployed a launch on scene to clean any oil sheens found within the oil booms around the vessel with the methods approved by the Environmental Protection Department. The Marine Department would closely monitor the situation to ensure a smooth salvage operation.”

It has been nearly two months since the ship ran aground near Discovery Bay Marina during Typhoon Hato, the first T10 storm to hit Hong Kong for five years. The storm caused widespread damage across Hong Kong.