Live fish carrier Ro North stuck at underwater reef off Norway

Ro NorthThe live fish carrier Ro North ran aground at Roan in South-Trondelag, Norway. The vessel was en route from Larsnes, when suffered blackout and remained adrift against the stiff northwest breeze, which drifted her quickly towards an underwater reef. The live fish carrier stuck into the rocks, but visibly did not suffered breaches and water ingress. The crew reported the accident to the local authorities and requested assistance. At the scene arrived rescue and service boats, which were monitoring the situation in case of needed evacuation of the ten crew. The engine power of the live fish carrier Ro North was restarted and the towing line was attached to service boat Aqua Power, which towed the vessel to safe depth.

During the salvage operations, one crew was injured by a breaking hawser and had to be evacuated by a rescue helicopter with fractures. He was hospitalized without life-threatening injuries and in stable condition. All other crew is safe and without reported injuries.

The vessel proceeded by own power to Fosen Terminal at Bessaker for special survey and underwater inspection. The local authorities initiated investigation for the root cause of the accident.

The live fish carrier Ro North (IMO: 9794965) has overall length of 82.00 m, moulded beam of 15.00 m and maximum draft of 5.00 m.