Kidnapped crew of cargo ship BBC Caribbean is alive and well

BBC CaribbeanThe Russian kidnapped captain of the hijacked cargo ship BBC Caribbean made contact with the shipowner – the German shipping company Briese Schiffahrt, and said that all crew members are alive and well. Seven Russians and one Ukrainian seamen were taken in captivity by the pirates after hijacking of vessel BBC Caribbean off Nigerian Delta in Gulf of Guinea. It is known that all hostages are in Nigeria, but neither Nigerian nor Russian authorities reveal any information for the development and negotiations with the pirates. According to the shipowner, the operational headquarters with representatives of criminal police in Germany are keeping in touch with the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Russian Embassy in Nigeria and the Nigerian police. All are working for releasing of the kidnapped seamen.

“My daughter had a call with the company, the captain made contact. He said that all are alive and well, in good health and asked families of the kidnapped seamen not to worry”, said Igon Ryaboi, who is the father of one of the captured sailors Sergey Gusarov.

It is now known that among the hostages were 28-year-old sailor from Murmansk, Sergey Gusarov, as well as another sailor from Veliky Novgorod and 28-year-old chief mate Oleg Kalinkin from Petrozavodsk. The rest of the crew are young people up to 30 years, according to the local media.

“We can confirm that the sailors are alive and well”, said the spokesman of the Russian Embassy, Artem Romanov. Ho refused further comments, citing security concerns.

The local authorities, however, released more details about hijacking of the general cargo ship BBC Caribbean. On board of the vessel there were 11 crew, as 10 of them were Russians. First, pirates kidnapped nine people, as two sailors managed to escape during the attack, but later released 19-year-old sailor. The pirates did not hijacked the vessel, which was empty. All the three people remained on board of the vessel, but were not able to get in contact with the shipowner. Then they sent an e-mail to the German company. The letter was read in the evening and immediately reported to the Foreign Ministry and the German criminal police. Meanwhile, the sailors succeeded to get in touch with Nigerian navy and reported the accident.

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