Japan War Ship – One of The World’s Largest and Most Powerful Destroyers

Izumo-Class Destroyer

Officially labelled as a destroyer, it will have a flat top that will function as a flight deck for helicopters. The vessel has been criticized as a thinly veiled attempt to boost the country’s military capabilities.

Currently Japan is limited by its constitution to self-defense only, but rising tensions with China has led to fears of an escalation of a dispute over island. Japanese officials have insisted the ship will be used to assist humanitarian missions and large-scale evacuations following events like the 2011 tsunami.

The vessel has not been officially named but it has been dubbed Izumo after the armored cruiser of the Imperial Japanese Navy, which was sunk in an air attack in 1945.izumo japanese destroyer

Operated by: Japanese Navy

Number in fleet: 1 with two more planned

Length: 820ft

Displacement: 27,000 tons

Maximum speed: 30 knots

Crew: 970

Weapons: 14 helicopters and anti-submarine warfare



Source: telegraph.co.uk