Israely Minister Is Promoting Gaza Island Plan For The Palestinian (Video)

Israeli Transportation and Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz released a video yesterday promoting his vision for building an artificial island off the coast of the Gaza Strip to provide for the Palestinian enclave’s economic needs while maintaining Israel’s security.


The island, proposed at some 1,320 acres and at a cost of approximately $5 billion over several years, would include infrastructure to provide Gaza with essential services it currently lacks,including desalination facilities for clean water and an electricity plant, a freight harbor and an area for container storage, which Katz says will help open the Gazan economy to the outside world and a bridge would connect it to Gaza, with one portion acting as a drawbridge. An airport could be considered at a later stage.


Katz has been floating this idea for some years but it recently gained traction after reportedly getting a nod from members of US President Donald Trump’s administration back in April.

“The artificial island initiative is aimed at providing an answer to a reality that is bad for the Palestinians and not good for Israel,” the narrator begins seemingly acknowledging the humanitarian and economic conditions in Gaza after a decade of rule by Palestinian terror group Hamas, which overthrew rival Fatah in a bloody coup in 2007.

Gaza has been under blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt ever since. UN officials have called for the blockade to be lifted, but Israel says it is necessary to keep Hamas, which avowedly seeks Israel’s destruction, from obtaining weapons or materials to make them. Gaza-based terror groups led by Hamas have fought three wars against Israel since 2008.

“Today, Israel continues to be perceived as being responsible for the Gaza Strip and is to a large extent the only lifeline to it, even though it withdrew from the strip over a decade ago,” says the narrator in reference to the 2005 disengagement from Gaza.