Inland Waterway Vessel Rams Passenger Ships at KNSM Island

A large inland ship rammed a river cruise ship this morning, which was docked on the Sumatrakade. A second passenger ship that lay along the quayside was also damaged.

To the best of our knowledge there are no injured cases. At the time of the collision no passengers were on board the docked ships. However, it can be seen from photographs that the boat, Anna Maria Agnes of Enkhuizen, has suffered considerable damage when it was pushed against the quay.

Several windows are broken and the bow is also damaged. How much damage the ship actually hit was not clear. The nose of the inland ship is damaged and there is a tear in the hull.

Auxiliary services, including many firemen, were fast on site. According to a witness, one of the passenger ships would go to the dock for repair tomorrow. Residents of the inland waterway ship have been checked by ambulance staff. How the accident can happen is not yet known.