Indonesian freighter Mengah Scorpion carrying LPG gas tanks sank in Sabang Bay

Coastal freighter IndonesiaThe Indonesian coastal freighter Mengah Scorpion, carrying 650 LPG gas tanks on board, sank in Sabang Bay off Pulau We Island. The vessel was en route to Sabang with several tons of general cargo, including 10 tons of LPG gas tanks, started getting water ingress in bad weather. The ship was hit by eastern sea waves with 2-3 meter height and strong winds. The skipper reported the accident to the local authorities and at the scene arrived rescue boats, which transferred all the cargo from the sinking coaster. The skipper was also evacuated from the sinking boat, but salveg was not possible due to bad weather conditions. There were no injured people and no reported water pollution, but Mengah Scorpion sank at the Sabang Bay.

The local authorities started investigation for the root cause of the accident. The boat was not overloaded, but obviously the skipped did not accessed correctly the situation and coastal freighter Mengah Scorpion was not stable enough against the heavy seas.

“Fortunately boat carrying LPG gas had been evacuated and all gas tanks have been transferred without reported leaks and pollution”, said Lembaga Adat, commander of Sukajaya region rescue teams. “Boat sinks purely because of bad weather, the time of the eastern sea waves 2-3 meters”, added he.

The vessel Mengah Scorpion was en route from Tempat Pendaratan Ikan, carrying LPG gas cylinders to meet the needs of the population Sabang.