Indonesia ratified Maritime Labor Convention

MLC-2006The Government of Indonesia deposited with the International Labor Organization (ILO) a document for the ratification of the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC-2006), becoming the 83th ILO member state that adopted the standards of the convention. For Indonesia, the MLC-2006 will enter into force on June 12, 2018. The Maritime Labor Convention incorporates the current norms of existing conventions with recommendations on labor in maritime navigation, as well as with the fundamental principles contained in other international labor Conventions. It provides for a mechanism to monitor compliance with its implementation by the flag State and the port State under the procedures of the State Port Control (PSC).

The capacity of the country’s merchant fleet is 15 million DWT and due to its geographical location, the main Indonesian port of Jakarta is among the 20 largest ports in the world. In addition, the country’s economy relies on seafarers, as about 150,000 Indonesian seamen are employed in global merchant fleet.

“By ratifying the MLC, Indonesia has confirmed its intention to provide seamen with decent jobs and to achieve fair competition among shipowners. The Convention will help to raise the protection of social and labor rights of our seafarers to a new level, and also contribute to the establishment of international standards relating to the labor of seafarers”, said the Indonesian Labor Minister, Hanif Dhakiri.

The Maritime Labor Convention was adopted at the 94th session of the ILO General Conference in Geneva on 23 February 2006.