The Indian Navy Reflected Another Attack Of Pirates On The Ship

The Indian Ocean remains one of the most pirate-dangerous regions: the other day attackers tried to seize the bulk carrier MV Jag Amar (flag of India, IMO 9723851), the one from Romania to Saudi Arabia, but the Indian navy ship that accompanied the commercial vessel was able to repel this attack, the press service of the Russian Sailors’ Union (RPSM) reports.

Crew frigate INS Trishul in time noticed an unidentified ship that was approaching the bulk carrier, making suspicious maneuvers. Representatives of the Indian naval forces landed on a pirate ship and neutralized the intruders before they managed to get on board the MV Jag Amar.

“Small arms and ammunition were found in the boat. The threat was quickly neutralized in accordance with the established procedure for conducting operations, “said the representatives of the naval forces.

So, the Kalashnikov assault rifle with cartridges, stairs, ropes and barrels for fuel were found on the ship. All the finds were seized, and 12 pirates were released together with the vessel. As reported, the crew of the bulk carrier MV Jag Amar, consisting of 26 Indian seamen, is in complete safety and continues to the port of Al-Jubail without problems.

Pirate Boat Attack

This case once again confirmed that patrolling dangerous regions is capable, if not to reduce the number of pirate attacks, then at least provide the necessary protection to the crews of merchant ships and the goods they transport,” the RPMM says. – The best security measure, of course, will be changing the route. But if this is not possible, then at the entrance to the pirate-dangerous zone, seamen should take special care: to assess the risks, increase the number of watches, if possible, hire armed guards. The shipowner, in turn, is obliged to warn the crew members in advance of a dangerous flight. If a collective agreement of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) operates on the vessel, the seafarers may refuse to fly through piracy-prone areas without risk of losing their workplace. ”