Icebreaker “Moscow” Goes to the Seaport of Sabetta

The ice breaker “Moscow” of the North-West Basin Branch is moving to the seaport of Sabetta.

The vessel, replenishing ship supplies, left the seaport of the Big Port of St. Petersburg on November 15. The icebreaker is technically fully prepared to move to a distance of almost 3.2 thousand nautical miles and subsequent work in the water area of ​​the seaport of Sabetta.

It is expected that the icebreaker will arrive at the destination in late November.

In the tasks of the icebreaker “Moscow” in the winter navigation of 2017-2018. in the seaport of Sabetta will include the execution of works:

– on icebreaking of vessels in the water area of ​​the seaport of Sabetta;

– on the shattering of ice along the quay line in the seaport in order to ensure safe mooring of vessels;

– for the delivery (removal) of pilots to vessels entering the seaport of Sabetta.Icebreaker

If necessary, the icebreaker “Moscow” can also occasionally be involved in icebreaking vessels on the approaches to the water area of ​​the seaport of Sabetta on previously laid channels, including the towing of vessels of the corresponding displacement.

The icebreaker will stay in the seaport of Sabetta until the end of May 2018.


Source: Maritime News of Russia