Iberconsa Advances In The Replacement Of The Burned Boat In The Storni Dock

On September 7 there was a voracious fire on the Urabain merchant ship of the Iberconsa company of Argentina, in circumstances that were moored at the Storni wharf in Puerto Madryn. The expert opinions regarding the causes that caused the Sinister.

Overcome that difficult moment, after controlling the situation, the company already proceeded to empty liquids. The 350,000 liters of fuel that the ship had in its tanks were already removed. It has for obvious reasons to keep it in buoyancy, the bilge levels that allow it to maintain its righting.
In this context, the company is in full negotiations for the acquisition of a new fishing vessel freezer trawler similar to the Urabain, although more modern, considering that the accident had been built in 1976, has 79 meters in length and 12 meters of manga.

According to an unofficial transcript, Iberconsa de Argentina SA has already made the decision, defined the vessel that interests them, and is in the process of signing the sale and transfer contracts.
The vessel that will replace the Urabain is in Argentina and the transfer and operationalization would be by the end of the year or beginning of 2018, with the same crew that had the ship burned.

As for the hull of the Urabain, it is now being defined between the insurance company and the Naval Prefecture, which of the alternatives are adopted for the final destination of the ship. The concrete options are two, on the one hand, sinking for diving or scrapping on the beach.
The transfer of the vessel to a shipyard in Mar del Plata for dismantling was ruled out because the fatigue of the hull material, due to having been subjected to incandescent temperatures, does not make it advisable for the ship to enter into navigation, even as a trailer.
The costs are similar for the two remaining options, but scrapping it on the coast of Puerto Madryn would take several more months, and generates all the setbacks of circumscribing an area of ​​the beach for the movement of cutting equipment, removal and transfer of materials.

The Government of Chubut through the Ministry of the Environment also recommends that the most expeditious solution with the lowest level of contingency would be the collapse of the case so that it transforms into a new submarine park, even more, now that Puerto Madryn was declared the National Diving Capital.
For its collapse, a series of plastic materials or materials that can be polluting must be removed, and certain irons must be cut that would be dangerous for diving on the seabed. Once the destination is defined, in two months it would be ready to sink, while if it is chosen for its scrapping, it would take twice as long.
The idea with which the company and the state entities work is that in the next fishing season, Site 4 of the Almirante Storni wharf can be released for port operations.

Iberconsa Storni dock

Meanwhile, the future of the abandoned chinese jigger in Puerto Madryn seems to be getting closer and closer. The only thing that would be needed to sink it and transform it into an underwater park for sports activities would be the signing of the Under Secretary of Fisheries of the Nation, Tomás Gerpe.

The Comptroller of the Port Administrator, engineer Osvaldo Sala, confirmed in declarations to Radio Golfo Nuevo that through the National Ports Directorate the procedures for the cession of the vessel by Prefectura Argentina were expedited.

Now we only need the signature of the Nation’s Undersecretary of Fisheries, who is currently visiting China. It would be defined this week. Recall that Urabain, the fishing vessel of the Iberconsa company set fire last September, is almost ready for sinking.

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