Hurricane “Irma” Has Surfaced ​​ the Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

Passed recently along the Caribbean and the southern coast of the United States, the devastating hurricane Irma could lead to the emergence of a mysterious island in the Bermuda Triangle area. Sushi land mysteriously emerged near Miami, Florida, reports the Internet portal top news.

The width of the island is 120 meters, length is 1.2 kilometers. According to experts, before it was under water, the islands ascent occurred either because of the movement of tectonic plates, or as a result of the past “Irma”.

Bermuda Triangle

According to experts, there are no representatives of flora or fauna on the island, however it causes great interest among scientists. In addition, it appeared in such a mystical place as the Bermuda Triangle.

According to the researchers, the territory of the island will increase over time. Scientists are now going to study this mysterious object in the Atlantic.

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