Greek shipping company Laskaridis Shipping fined for environmental pollution in France

ThisseasGreek shipping company Laskaridis Shipping was fined by the court of Brest with 1 million EUR for environmental pollution. The imposed penalties are related with the oil leak caused by company’s bulk carrier Thisseas off the coast of Brittany in February 2016. The contamination was recorded in French exclusive maritime zone, when the Coast Guard patrol aircraft spotted an petroleum contamination with length of 35 km. The oil spot was traced to the cargo ship of the Greek shipowner Laskaridis Shipping, which was en route from Russia to China. The Coast Guard detained the cargo ship and ordered her to anchor off Brest, where remained until payment of bail, amounting to 500,000 EUR.

The lawsuit in the case was filed by a group of environmental organizations. The court in its judgment held that both the company and the captain required to compensate them for non-pecuniary damage and litigation costs in the amount of from 1,000 to 5,000 EUR each.

The Ukrainian captain of the bulk carrier Thisseas was also fined with 30,000 EUR fine. The lawyers of the Greek company claimed that captain committed suicide by throwing himself into the sea, but no document certifying his death were provided.

Laskaridis Shipping is company, operating bulk carriers, reefer and tanker fleet.