Greek seafarers on 48-hour strike

Greek seafarersGreek ferries remained berthed at ports on Monday and Tuesday for a 48-hour strike summoned by the Greek sailors’ union. The seafarers protest against the social reforms and changes in the labor market demanded by international creditors of Greece. The parliament spokerperson Nikos Voutsis announced today that the new austerity measures will be voted on by Parliament on May 18th. He expected all the 153 members of the SYRIZA to support parliamentary measures. Greece and its international creditors reached an agreement on a package of reforms envisaged in the country’s rescue program. It provides for reforms in the labor market and in the energy sector, as well as reducing pensions and increasing taxes. The deal put an end to a six-month blockade of negotiations between Athens and the creditors and paved the way for a further tranche of the rescue agreement.

“Turnovers into labor, insurance, tax is for everyone, this is done in pensions, social security, it concerns young people – old workers, pensioners, as well as bloody popular income. These are the surpluses the government relies on, the policy of competitiveness and profitability of capital”, said the statement of Panhellenic Association of Merchant Marine Engineers and Naval Associations.

The Eurogroup welcomed the preliminary agreement, but stressed that it would be able to rule on the conditions for granting the next tranche “only after Greece has voted on its austerity measures”.