German Companies Suspected of Involvement in the Catastrophe of an Argentine Submarine

Two German companies, Ferrostaal and EnerSys-Hawker, suspected of involvement in the catastrophe of the Argentinean submarine “San Juan”: in the course of major repairs of the submarine, the companies allegedly bribed and did not issue all the necessary documents about the work performed.

The Bayerischer Rundfunk edition states that batteries were replaced on the ship, which could have caused the death of the submarine. In particular, shortly before the communication with the vessel was broken on November 15, the submarine team reported a short circuit and a fire. The reason for this probably was seawater, which got into the batteries through the snorkel (the device on the submarine for air intake). The team also reported that the batteries were out of order, but the submarine initially continued underwater.

It was with Ferrostaal and EnerSys-Hawker that an agreement was concluded for the supply of 964 battery cells. The deal amounted to 5.1 million euros, reports Deutsche Welle.

“There is a suspicion that the batteries that were put in place, partially or completely, do not meet the quality standards that they must meet. We also do not know where they were from, Germany or from another country. Therefore, we want to know which engineers worked on the spot and who signed the paper, that the repair is completed, “said Cornelia Schmidt-Lirman, head of the foreign affairs committee of the Argentine parliament.ARA San Juan Submarine

Ferrostaal rejects accusations. From EnerSys-Hawker applications have not yet arrived.

On December 1, Argentina announced the end of the operation to rescue the crew of the missing submarine “San Juan” after 15 days of search. According to the media, the explosion in the area of ​​the disappearance of the Argentinean submarine “San Juan” exceeded 100 kg in TNT.

Source: Maritime News of Russia

  1. possible cause battery explosion… RIP “San Juan” and her crew.

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