Fuel oil spilled at Izmit Bay

Port IzmitFuel oil spilled at Izmit Bay, closing the entrance for vessel transit inside the port, reported Wilhelmsen Ships Service Istanbul. The source of leakage was not determined yet, as reports does not mention any vessel involved in subject accident. The oil spill was detected by dock workers in vicinity of Gebze Terminals. The local authorities immediately initiated water cleansing operations and restricted transition of vessels through the affected area. The hazmat teams from Port of Izmit responded to the scene of the oil leak, dispatching boats with equipment for eliminating the water pollution.

Traffic will remain suspended until Authorities will secure and identify source of fuel oil spillage. The oil spill blocked the entrance to Evyap Port, which is private port for container and liquid bulk vessels with annual turnover of 400,000 TEU and 600,000 tons of liquid cargo. The local authorities initiated investigation for the source of the leak and root cause of the accident. Also will be inspected vessels, which passed through the area of pollution if any of them is responsible for oil leak.

Port of Izmit is located at the Izmit Bay in the Sea of Marmara, about 62 nautical miles east from Istanbul, on the northwestern part of Anatolia. It is a medium port in Turkey.