French Luxury Cruise Ship with Hundreds of Tourists Expelled After Unauthorized Call

Luxury cruise ship L’AUSTRAL with hundreds of tourists on board was expelled from waters of Banyak Islands, northwest Sumatra, Indian ocean, after she was spotted by locals on Nov 16, being anchored off Asok island, and engaged in recreational activities.

The ship wasn’t authorized to make a call to those islands, and that call wasn’t listed in her itinerary. She was requested to leave immediately. Nationalities of tourists on board unknown, most probably the majority are Australians and Europeans.

Luxury cruise ship L’AUSTRAL

As of 2130 UTC Nov 18 (latest available AIS position) she was cruising in Indian ocean in southeast direction, towards Sunda Strait, port of destination and ETA unclear, rather strange circumstance for a luxury cruise ship of a well-known cruise operator.

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