Freighter Sinks After Being Punctured by Ship Wreck 

A tank ship MV Keneukai loaded with 2,500 tons of Conch cement in the waters of the Barito River, precisely in front of the port of Trisakti Banjarmasin. This incident occurred Friday, December 8 at around 17:00 pm.

Head of Water Police Unit of Banjarmasin Police, Commissioner Windy Syaputra, said the ship wreck of about 52,000 sacks of cement to be shipped to Java is just ahead of the loading and unloading port of RTG Trisakti.

“There were no casualties in the event of this shipwreck but the cement load cannot be saved,” he said.

MV Keneukai dinakhodai M Lukman, 28 residents Bangkalan East Java with the number of crew members 13 people. It is known that the vessel has a week of anchoring pumps not far from the port of Trisakti after the loading process.

Foto dari Denny S Ainan

According to the captain of the ship Lukman, allegedly the ship crashed into a wreck at the bottom of the Barito River as it will sail. “The left axle of the ship leaked because it crashed into the wreck at the bottom of the Barito River so the ship finally sank,” he said.

Humas of National SAR Agency of Banjarmasin, Iman confirmed the event of a cement carrier ship that sank in the waters of Barito River.


Source:  Medcom Nasional