Freighter Blocks Shipping Traffic on Weser

The ship was stuck at the level of the Braker harbor. The water police were in action. On Thursday morning, the Weser could be used again.

BRAKE The 200-meter-long freighter “Nautical Runa” broke away from the south pier on Wednesday afternoon. For unknown reasons, the lines were broken, communicated the water police Brake. The ship was stuck with increasing Ebbstrom in the fairway.

“Until the flood around midnight, nothing will happen here. The Weser is as good as locked, only smaller ships will still be able to happen, “said a spokesman for the water police on Wednesday evening on request of the NWZ. On Thursday morning, the Weser was then free again.Nautical Runa

The “Nautical Runa” had moored in the morning at Braker harbor. At midday, the deletion process had started, said Uwe Schiemann , Managing Director of J. Müller Agri and Breakbulk. A few hours later, the freighter, which had loaded 53,000 tons of feed, had torn loose.

Why the lines broke, has yet to be determined. Schiemann announced that six days had been estimated for the deletion of the freighter. “With optimal progression, we can catch up on lost time,” he said.