Fourteen Fishermen Rescued After Grounding Their Ship

The 14 Taiwanese and Indonesian sailors are safe and sound. Their ship ran aground on North Marutea Atoll. The high commission triggered the rescue. They were evacuated to Makemo.

Sunday, November 5, 2017, at 20:55, the JRCC Tahiti detects the triggering of a distress beacon belonging to a 29-meter Taiwanese fishing vessel that was expected Tuesday in Papeete for a technical stop.

The Dauphin helicopter and the Gardian plane of the French Navy are then dispatched to the scene for a search and rescue mission.

At midnight, the plane first to arrive in the area noticed that the fishing vessel was stranded on the Marutea North flat, about 700 km from Tahiti, and dropped a life raft.

The 14 sailors, Taiwanese and Indonesian, are all then helpled by the crew of the Dauphin and then evacuated to Makemo where they are supported by the doctor and the nurse of the atoll. Only one of the ship’s sailors is injured.Taiwanese Fishing Vessel

A visual assessment of the wreck, lying on its side, is underway by the aircraft engaged in the operation. State services inform the country’s authorities of the situation.

Contacts with the shipowner have been established to consider the necessary measures to deal with the situation. A rapid repatriation of the crew is being appraised initially in Tahiti; in addition, in liaison with the shipping agent, the conditions of financial consideration of all these operations, at the expense of the shipowner, are in progress.