“Four casuaties in the USS Fitzgerald collision”: USA Navy

Personnel from the US Navy confirmed that 4 seamen were injured and 7 others went missing when a merchant vessel hit the american destroyer the USS Fitzgerald, the accident took place in Japan, Fox News confirmed that one of the deceased victims was the captain.

Previously, the missing and wounded reported the representatives of the Japanese Coast Guard, which helps deliver sailors ashore.

The warship suffered damage from a collision with a heavy container ship. The ship damaged the right side, in which several holes were formed.

The other ship involved in the incident was the   the 29,000-tonne ACX Crystal, a container vessel from the Philippine, under charter by the Japanese shipping group Nippon Yusen.

The Filipino crew reported no injuries among the 20 people in the boat, nevertheless the crew of the ACX Crystal are being questioned by investigators after their ship docked at a port in Tokyo Bay. Nippon Yusen said it was co-operating with the investigation.

According to Japanese media the incident, took place at 2:20am when most of the 285 ship’s crew were sleeping. After the collision, with large volumes of water flooding into two berthing compartments, the radio room and auxiliary machine room, the crew “fought hard to keep the ship above the surface”, Vice Admiral Aucoin said.

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