Focus on Draining Threatened Tank 

On September 25th the focus regarding the salvage of the “Atlantic” off Oskarshamn was emptying the tank that was most threatened. The process took a little longer than the parties involved – the salvage company, the ship’s crew who manages the emptying, the Coast Guard and the Transport Agency which supervised the work – had calculated.

The work of getting a barge with a tank on board was ongoing during the day. The plan was to start the emptying during the afternoon. The very shallow water made it difficult for the Coast Guard’s environmental protection ships to come close to the grounding site. The Coastguard has landed anti-pollution equipment with the aid of smaller vessels and boats.

Atlantic 9 25

The Kalmar police was conducting the preliminary investigations in connection with the grounding and suspected the captain and chief mate of serious alcohol consumption and gross negligence in maritime traffic. Both have been taken in custody.