Fishing Vessel with Rudder Damage Towed to Havneby 

The “Simone – WR 75” suffered rudder damage in stormy weather off Sylt on Dec 13, 2017.

Already in the morning the crew of two had reported trouble with the rudder 13 miles west of the island. They failed to fix the trouble with own means and radioed for help. The German DGzRS lifeboat “Pidder Lüüng” came to assist.

The “Simone” was adrift on open sea where they managed to establish a towing connection. Due to the weather conditions the lifeboat crew decided to tow the casualty in winds of 9 Beaufort with speeds of upto 88 km/h to Havneby. The tow at a 230 meter-line lasted several hours.Wr75-Simone Vessel

At 4.30 p.m. the “Simone” was safely berthed in the Danish port.


Source: Vessel Tracker .com