Fishing Vessel Experienced Technical Problems

According to the Coast Guard at Sortland, KV Svalbard assists a fishing vessel that has technical problems. The operation involves a MOB boat from KV Svalbard, located a few hundred meters south of the bridge.

A tipster sent the picture to Harstad Tidende and informed them about half an hour ago that a boat had been still for a half an hour. The police station in Troms has no information about the case. It means the Coast Guard is not so strange as KV Svalbard was nearby and could assist quite quickly. The coast guard came from Harstad.Fishing Vessel Harstad

The boat is MS Kato of Ålesund. It is the fishing boat company Kato AS, which owns the boat, which fishes for whitefish during the winter and whaling in the summer months.

According to the tips, the MOB boat may seem to pull the larger boat backwards towards KV Svalbard. At 22.30, both MS Kato, the MOB and KV Svalbard were on the north side of the bridge, probably on the way to Harstad.