Fishing vessel Elizabeth caught fire at Honolulu Harbor in Hawaii, USA

Elizabeth caught fireThe fishing vessel Elizabeth caught fire at Pier 38 at Honolulu Harbor in Hawaii, USA. The longliner was docked at the port, but was engulfed by fire after technical malfunction. Thick smoke and flames emanated from the forward part of the fishing vessel, but fortunately the five crew succeeded to escape from the fire trap without injuries. The accident was reported to local authorities and at the scene were send teams from the local fire brigade, as well as coast guard firefighters, which together succeeded to get the flames under control and to extinguish the fire within less than two hours.

The fishing boat Elizabeth suffered significant damage, but officials say it is not taking on water. There is also no report for oil leaks and water pollution. There were no reports about injuries during the firefighting.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. After the fire is completely extinguished, the firefighters will board the vessel and assess the exact damages.

The fishing vessel Elizabeth has overall length of 24.50 m, moulded beam of 7.00 m and maximum draft of 3.00 m.