Fishing trawler L’Eden Roc II ran aground at Plateau du Four in Croisic

Fishing trawler Eden Roc IIThe fishing trawler L’Eden Roc II with four crew ran aground near the Plateau du Four in Croisic. The vessel stuck on the edge of the plateau after being caught by strong current and winds. The accident was reported to the local authorities and at the scene was sent lifeboat of the SNSM station Croisic, which refloated the fishing trawler to safe depth. It was estimated the the troubled trawler did not suffered underwater damages and may proceed voyage to port of La Turballe with by power and being escorted by the lifeboat. Fortunately during the accident there were no reports for injuries or water pollution.

The local authorities initiated investigation for the root cause of the grounding. According to preliminary information, the trawler was pushed by winds and strong current to the shallow of the Plateau du Four in Croisic. The vessel was en route to La Turballe, where will be auctioned for sale.

The fishing trawler L’Eden Roc II is operating under registration LS 715031 and has overall length of 21.00 m, moulded beam of 6.00 m and maximum draft of 2.50 m. The vessel has gross tonnage of 103 GRT.