The First Chief of the Novorossiysk Shipping Company Orest Sytshenikov Has Died

The management and staff of the Sovcomflot group of companies with deep sorrow report a heavy loss suffered by the Russian shipping community. October 9, 2017 in Moscow at the age of 95 years Orest Alexandrovich Sychyenikov, the first head of the Novorossiysk Shipping Company, died.

A man of the highest professional qualifications, a talented leader who made a great contribution to the strengthening and development of domestic maritime navigation, passed away.

Orest Alexandrovich Sychyenikov was born on June 28, 1922. In 1941, after the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War, he was drafted into the ranks of the Red Army. In 1943 he was seriously wounded. After demobilization in September 1945, he entered the ship mechanics department of the Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers.

After graduation he worked as an engineer at Tuapse Shipyard, director of Technical School No. 1 in the city of Tuapse. Consistently occupied the posts of the head of the industrial and transport department, the second, then the first secretary of the Tuapse CPSU City Committee. In September 1961 he was elected secretary and member of the bureau of the Krasnodar Territory Committee of the CPSU, and in December 1963 – first secretary of the Novorossiysk City Committee of the CPSU.

In May 1964, by order of the Minister of the Navy, Orest Aleksandrovich Sychyenikov was appointed head of the Directorate of the Oil Fleet Fleet of the Black Sea Shipping Company, transferred to Novorossiysk from Odessa.

In 1967, on the basis of the Directorate, the Novorossiysk Shipping Company was established. Orest Aleksandrovich became his first boss and headed the enterprise for 10 years. His name represents the formation of one of the largest shipping companies of the country, the flagship of the Soviet and Russian tanker fleet.

Orest Alexandrovich Sychyenikov made an invaluable contribution to the development of the city-hero of Novorossiysk and the entire Black Sea region of Russia, the national marine education. He combined all the necessary enterprises for the successful operation of the shipping company: Novorossiysk, Tuapse and Sochi ports, shipyards of Novorossiysk and Tuapse, port stations in Anapa and Gelendzhik. Thanks to it, Novorossiysk became a modern industrial city of maritime profile, a “forge of personnel” for the industry: the Novorossiysk seaworthy school was established, which became the best in the USSR, the Higher Marine Engineering School (now Admiral FF Ushakov), the coastal infrastructure fleet, base of technical maintenance of the fleet, oil ship Sheskharis.

In 1977 O.A. Sychiykov was elected chairman of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Trade Union of Maritime and River Fleet Workers in Moscow and left Novorossiysk.

Orest Sytshenikov

Orest Aleksandrovich Sychyenikov is without any exaggeration a human legend for the maritime community of our country. His military merits and a glorious work path were marked by numerous state awards, including the Order of Lenin, the Red Banner of Labor, the October Revolution, the Patriotic War of the 1st degree, the Friendship of Peoples, the Medal for Military Merit and the Defense of the Caucasus. He had the title of “Veteran of Labor”, “Honored Worker of Transport of the RSFSR”, “Honored Worker of the Navy”, “Honorary Citizen of the City of Novorossiysk”. In 2017, he was awarded the title “Labor Name of the Kuban”.

Everyone who knew Orest Alexandrovich and worked with him invariably noted his endless devotion to the cause and interests of the country, exceptional decency, determination and purposefulness, an attentive and caring attitude towards people.

The management and the workforce, the captains and crews of the Sovcomflot group of ships express their sincere condolences to the relatives, friends, and colleagues of Orest Alexandrovich Sychyenikov. The bright memory of this remarkable man will forever remain in our hearts.