Were Firearms and Explosives the Cause for Fire Aboard this Fishing Boat?

The blaze that gutted the “Norton Sound” north of Seaport Village was fully extinguished on Oct 4, but fire investigators said the cause of the fire is undetermined. Investigators did rule out arson, saying there was no evidence of such crime on-board the vessel which was still docked at the G street pier.

On Oct 4 a hazardous-materials team went inside the board where they took air and water quality samples to determine if it was safe for fire investigators to go on board and examine the interior. Once the fire investigators got the all-clear, they spent several hours scanning the ship for any clues as to how the vessel may have caught fire.

Fire Fishing Boat

In the end, they were not able to make a determination. Investigators with the Fire Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives will work together on a report of the incident. The owner will be responsible for removing the boat, which has been docked at the pier for months.