Fire on a Ship in the Port of Murmansk is Localized

The fire on the fishing vessel Odyssey-1 (the company-shipowner of Zigrand LLC), standing in the dock of the Murmansk shipyard in the port of Murmansk, is localized. This was reported by Interfax official representative of the EMERCOM of Russia for the Murmansk region Tatyana Abramova.


The vessel “Odyssey-1” caught fire on Monday morning, the fire enveloped 200 square meters, the fire was assigned the category 1bis. At the scene, an operational headquarters was deployed, which decided not to flood the dock to extinguish the vessel. In the extinguishing involved 88 people and 17 units of equipment, including the fire ship “Sentry”.


Rescuers evacuated from the vessel 18 people, injured among them there. According to firefighters, the ignition occurred while welding on the ship.Fire on Fishing Boat Odyssey

According to the data of the SPARK-Interfax system, the main activity of OOO Ziigand is marine fishing. As a result of 2016, the company’s net profit amounted to 60.659 million rubles. OOO is wholly owned by St. Petersburg LLC “Toros”. The main activity is leasing and management of own or leased non-residential real estate. Director and owner of LLC “Toros” is Igor Chernov.


Source: Maritime News of Russia