Fire In Engine Room 

The “Magnifique” suffered a fire on the Scheldt-Rhine Canal at the Kreekrak lock in Rilland in the afternoon of Sep 11, 2017. The ship was berthed at the north side of the locks. All 37 persons remained uninjured. The fire started at 1.41 p.m. in the engine room, presumably in the generator.

The captain initially had tried to put out the fire himself and then alerted the rescue services. The insulation of the smokestack has inflamed, but the smoke remained inside the engine room.

The passengers were accommodated in the locks control room during the fire fighting. The fire department was on site at 2 p.m. Two crew members assisted the fire department in firefighting. The fire department checked the smoke stack insulation for remaining hotspots. The smoke inside the ship was ventilated.


At 2.38 p.m. the fire was finally out, and it was hoped the ship would be able to continue the voyage the same day. It is used for bicycle-boat vacations in the Netherlands and Belgium. The current journey of the “Magnifique” went from Amsterdam to Bruges. The passengers were including Canadian, American, Polish and German nationals.