Ferry Zurbaran damaged by storm in Balearic Sea

Ferry ZurbaranThe ferry Zurbaran was hit by giant wave in Balearic Sea during a voyage from Mallorca to Valencia. The vessel was caught by heavy seas and storm, suffering damages of four windows in the front area on deck 2. The water gushed into the room and flowed into the restaurant on the same deck, while the passengers evacuated to from the flooding. All the affected rooms from the giant wave were closed by the crew and windows were covered with large tarpaulins. Unfortunately the room continue flooding and all the 100 passengers, who were accommodated in the affected saloon, were evacuated into another compartments and rooms. The ferry Zurbaran successfully reached successfully the port of Valencia with delay of 4.5 hours without suffering more damages.

The ship docked at the port of Valencia and all the passengers were disembarked without reported injuries, despite of the uncomfortabilities during the voyage. The next voyages of the vessel were canceled due to needed repair of the damages windows, as well as ordered safety inspection by the local authorities.

“A huge wave broke four windows in the passenger compartment at bow. The sea could have swallowed anyone”, said one of the passengers in front of the local media.”The travelers panicked. The ship should not have sailed”, added the affected passenger.

The local authorities initiated investigation for the accident. The weather forecast was clear that they were going to meet with heavy seas before starting the voyage. The bad weather caused significant swell and quite unpleasant voyage for the guests on board.

The ferry Zurbaran (IMO: 9181091) has overall length of 180.00 m, moulded beam of 25.00 m and maximum draft of 5.60 m. The deadweight of the ship is 7,396 DWT and the gross tonnage is 22,152 GRT. The vessel was built in 2000 by Izar Seville shipyard in Spain. The owner and manager of the vessel is Acciona Transmediterranea.