Ferry That Sank And Abandoned By Owner; Floating Again (VIDEO)

On Oct 12, the salvage company Ardentia Marine completed to refloat the “Panagia Parou” which sank last April in the Port of Algeciras at berth 9, where it had been docked since March 2013 abandoned by the owner.

The wreck was endowed with buoyancy by inflating the balloons placed inside the ship, with a slight list to starboard side remaining. Bilge pumps were removing all water from inside. Prior to these works, underwater inspections have been carried out to be able extract the liquid waste from tanks and engines by means of valves.

In the past few weeks, floating barriers, absorbent barriers and skimmers were installed for the fuel recovery around the wreck in order to prevent any pollution. Finally, the hull was to be sealed to prevent any further ingress of water.