Ferry Jean Nicoli was damaged by giant wave off Toulon

Jean NicoliThe ferry Jean Nicoli was damaged by giant wave during a voyage from Marseille to Corsica. The vessel encountered rough weather was was hit by monster 10-meter wave on about 20 nautical miles west off Hyeres islands and south off Toulon. The wave caused damages to the ship, including into the navigational and control equipment, but remained afloat and without immediate danger for the seaworthiness. The Captain of the ferry Jean Nicoli cancelled the voyage and headed to Toulon for emergency docking, due to needed repairs. The accident was reported to local authorities, who were in contact with the ferry during the passage to Toulon and monitored the situation closely.

The CROSSMED was alerted and notified the Marifime Prefecture, which deplyoded the tug Ailette of the French Navy as an escort to port. The weather in vicinity was stormy with gale force winds with speeds of 50 kts.

“We had decided to leave Ajaccio sooner than expected and to take a road further east than usual to avoid the big storm, but at 10.30 pm the Captain was surprised by a giant wave exceeding 15 meters”, said the officials of Corsica Linea.

Fortunately during the accident there were no seriously injured people and no reported water pollution. The vessel successfully arrived at the dock, where will be repaired and inspection. The vessel was replaced on the route by Paglia Orba due to delay.

The ferry Jean Nicoli (IMO: 9161948) has overall length of 200.65 m, moulded beam of 25.80 m and maximum draft of 6.30 m. The deadweight of the vessel is 5,150 DWT and the gross tonnage is 29,968 GRT. The ferry was built in 1998 by Bergen Group Fosen shipyard in Norway.