“Feixiong 6” Disabled in Yellow Sea With a Crew of 16 On Board

The “Feixiong 6” with a crew of 16 was disabled in the Yellow Sea with a crew of 16 on board. At 1.40 p.m. the ship, carrying a cargo of 21.000 tons steel, got towing assistance. At 6:45 p.m the SAR ship “Bei Hai Jiu 116” arrived on site and managed to take the bulkcarrier in tow at 6:55 p.m. It was pulled to an anchorage in the Rongcheng Bay. After nearly four hours of hard towing, the ships arrived there in the morning of Oct 2, and the casualty was safely moored.

During the voyage, the captain convened the relevant personnel to deploy the specific rescue plan, the deck staff in the wind quickly ready to drag the lock, the captain led the engineer department to keep in the cabin to ensure the normal operation of power equipment. 18:45, “North Sea rescue 116” round arrived at the scene and with the bulk carrier “Feixiong 6” to get in touch, the captain told the cable program and cable with caution. 18:55, after all the rescue crew of the joint efforts to transport the cable to the “flying 6”. Subsequently, the “North Sea rescue 116” rounds of trailer ship to Rongcheng Bay anchorage.North Sea Rescue

After nearly 4 hours of hard towing, October 2 morning, “North Sea rescue 116” round of the bulk carrier “Feixiong 6” safely towed to Rongcheng Bay anchorage and smooth delivery, rescue mission successfully completed.