Family Of Missing Barge Crew Member Speaks Out

Family members of the missing crew member who was on board the barge that caught fire, are now speaking out. 

Zach Jackson, a 28-year-old tanker man, has been missing since the explosion on Friday morning. Today, his brother, Morgan Jackson, spoke out about the kind of person he was.

“The way I would describe Zachariah Jackson, and I think the way that every friend that he has — an amazing person,” Jackson said. “He gave so much to people, and never asked for anything back.”

Zach Jackson lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. He began working for Bouchard Transportation in January of 2016.

Within a month of his employment with the company, he was named to barge captain — a title that sometimes takes years to achieve. He was also highlighted in a company-wide letter, honoring him for his outstanding efforts at work.

“He was probably one of the smartest guys I know when it came to everything that he was doing,” Jackson said. “I don’t know how he learned as much as he learned, but he was able to do it.”

As the barge captain, or supervisor, his job was to stand at the fore peak of the barge. But on Friday morning, an unexpected accident occurred. Where tanker mans stand in the fore peak, is seen in photos, as the area of the explosion.Missing Crew Member

His brother, Morgan Jackson, said Zach Jackson was intelligent, generous, and someone who took life by the horns.

“We’re all just waiting,” Morgan said. “That’s the biggest thought, is ‘when is the phone going to ring?’ I just really want to know what happened. My parents want to know what happened. My family wants to know what happened.”

The Coast Guard suspended their search Saturday evening.