Families of Missing Submarine Crew Have Been Told Their Loved Ones Are Dead

Families of crew lost in the San Juan submarine have been told their loved ones “are all dead” after an explosion on the day the vessel disappeared, according to reports.

Family members today claimed they had already received phone calls from Navy officials telling them the entire crew had perished in a blast, believed to have taken place between 180m and 900m below the surface.

Officially, Argentina’s Navy is refusing to speculate on the fate of the sub’s 44 crew members and have vowed to continue the search for the stricken vessel, according to the┬áDaily Mail.

And they have angrily accused the Argentinian Navy of a cover-up after it was today forced to confirm there had been a violent explosion where the vessel would have been just hours after its last transmission.

The noise “consistent with an explosion” was recorded by two international agencies last Wednesday morning.

Luiz Tagliapietro, the father of Damian, who was on the submarine, claimed a Navy official phoned him to break the news that his son was dead.

Asked if the 43 men and one woman on board had died, he said: “Yes, yes, yes, yes. One hundred per cent. My son’s boss confirmed that they are all dead.

“There’s no human being who survives that.”

Itati Leguizamon, whose husband German Oscar Suarez was on board, branded the Navy “perverse bastards” for allowing family members to continue to believe their loved ones could be found alive.

She said: “According to them, they only found out about the explosion now, but who is so stupid to believe that?