Euroports invest in development of its sugar terminals in Antwerp and Le Havre

Euroports terminalThe port operator Euroports is investing in the development of its terminals for transshipment of sugar in the ports of Antwerp and Le Havre, in anticipation of an increase in the volume of the initial product after the forthcoming liberalization of the European sugar market. Euroports will invest almost 30 million EUR in the development of the terminal in Antwerp and plans to further increase its capacity after liberalization. Moreover, the company Sucre Oceane, which is joint venture of Euroports and SHGT, will invest 12.5 million EUR in the expansion and modernization of the sugar terminal in the port of Le Havre to increase its export capacity to 7,000 TEU per year, and total storage capacity from 45,000 tons to 60,000 tons. The implementation of these projects should be completed by July 2017.

Since October this year, the EU cancels the minimum prices and production rates for sugar beet. According to forecasts of S&P Global Platts analysts, with an increase in production, exports of refined white sugar may almost double to 2.6 million tons per year. This will also affect the shipping of sugar from the terminals of port operator Euroports.

Euroports operates 26 terminals in the ports of Europe and Asia, the total transshipment volumes are 50 million tons of general and bulk cargo per year.