Elizabeth II Attended the Ceremony of “Baptism” of Britain’s Largest Aircraft Carrier

Queen Elizabeth II, together with her daughter Princess Anna, attended the ceremony of introducing the largest ship into the fleet for the history of the Royal Navy – “Queen Elizabeth”. This was reported by the press service of the royal family, reports Interfax.

The ceremony was held in Portsmouth. The Queen strolled along the ship with his captain Jerry Kood and talked to the crew members.

In early July, Elizabeth II consecrated the ship, breaking a bottle of Scotch single malt whiskey on its side.

“Queen Elizabeth” – the largest aircraft carrier in the history of the British fleet. The area of ​​its deck corresponds to three football fields. The aircraft carrier can develop a speed of 25 knots, its displacement is 65 thousand tons, while the length of the flight deck is 280 meters, and the width is 70 meters.Elizabeth II Baptism

The crew of the aircraft carrier will initially be about 1 thousand people, and later on its board will be deployed 40 combat aircraft with their crews.

To accomplish combat missions, the ship will begin in 2021 as part of an aircraft carrier strike group.


Source: Maritime News of Russia