Eight people kidnapped from offshore tug off Nigerian Delta

Pirates AttackEight crew members of the offshore tug were kidnapped on 10.8 nautical miles south off the coast of Brass, Nigeria, reported IMB at International Chamber of Commerce. The vessel was attacked in the morning hours of April 19 by motor skiff with armed men, who succeeded to board her and took control. The armed pirates kidnapped eight crew members and fled away to the Niger Delta. The accident was reported to local authorities and Nigerian navy. At the scene of the hijacked tug arrived two rescue boats, but the pirates already had left with the hostages. One seamen was injured during the piracy attack and was airlifted by helicopter for medical treatment.

The local authorities initiated investigation and try to get in contact with the pirates. There are no additional information about the accident.

The name of the tug is also not released by the local authorities and Piracy Reporting Center.

The local authorities do not release more details on the matter, because of investigation and attempts to free the kidnapped sailors.