Eight kidnapped seamen from general cargo ship BBC Caribbean were released

BBC CaribbeanThe Nigerian pirates have released all eight kidnapped seamen from general cargo ship BBC Caribbean, which was hijacked in early February in Gulf of Guinea. The seven Russians and one Ukrainian crew were released by the pirates after long lasting negotiation of Russian diplomats and the German ship manager with the pirates. There is no information if the shipowner had paid the ransom or freeing of the people was achieved by other means. According to the officials, the seamen are now in Frankfurt, Germany and expect to return home until the end of the week. The eight kidnapped seamen are well and in good health, without injuries, but were held in captivity in the jungle in very bad conditions.

“Today is a happy day. The sailors, who were kidnapped in Nigeria are released, thanks to the skillful actions of the German company’s management and the Russian consulate”, said the Commissioner for Human Rights in Sevastopol, Paul Bucan. “All the details will be released during the next week. Tomorrow, I hope, the sailors will be sent home”, added he.

The local authorities initiated investigation and will collect witness evidences from the seamen.

The general cargo ship BBC Caribbean was attacked by pirates in Gulf of Guinea on 45 nautical miles south-west off Brass in beginning of February. The pirates then kidnapped seven Russians and one Ukrainian crew from the vessel and fled away with their motor skiff in direction to Nigerian Delta. The local authorities were unable to trace the pirates, but later ship manager and Russian authorities get in contact with the Russian kidnapped captain. It was understood that people were alive and in good health, but negotiations lasted several weeks.

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