Eight Filipino fishermen killed in piracy attack at Moro Gulf

Fishing boat piracyArmed pirates attacked fishing boat and killed eight Filipino fishermen in waters near Zamboanga City in southern Philippines. The group of armed men, probably Islamic militants, attacked the fishing vessel with 15 crew on board. The attackers strafed the crew and shot eight people, while another five jumped into the water and swam to the nearby island. They reported the accident to the local authorities and Philippine Coast Guard sent vessels at the scene of the attack. They found almost sunken fishing boat near the Zamboanga Peninsula with eight killed people and two remaining alive on board.

“The attackers opened fire at the fishermen”, said commander Armand Balilo, spokesperson for the Coast Guard. “Eight were killed and five jumped into the water and swam to a nearby island. Two others who remained on the boat were unharmed”, added he.

The local authorities took witness evidences from the rescued people and started investigation for the accident. The navy and Coast Guard boats tried to trace the pirates, but unfortunately failed to find them.

The area of piracy attack is extremely dangerous for shipping with several cases of attacks Abu Sayyaf militants, which are close to ISIS. More than 20 people, including fishermen and tourists who were taken hostage by them in the past year.