Dutch investigators raided offices of DAMEN Shipyards

DAMEN ShipyardsDutch investigators raided the offices of the largest local shipyard – DAMEN, as part of an international investigation of corrupt practices abroad. The investigators from the Fiscal Information and Investigation Service seized documents from the central office of the shipyard in Gyoringhaym, but there is no report for arrested officers or employees. The public prosecution depart said the investigation is underway but declined to comment further. According to authorities, the investigation relates to the payment of bribes. The management of the shipyard declined any comments.

In March last year DAMEN Shipyard was judged by the World Bank for a period of 18 months because of the company’s participation in fraudulent practices in West African Regional Program for fishing.

Damen Shipyards Group is a globally operating company with more than 50 shipyards, repair yards, and related companies − as well as numerous partner yards that can build Damen vessels locally. It employs over 9,000 people, and its turnover for 2015 sketch 2.1 billion EUR.

The company is involved in ship construction as well as maintenance and repair activities. It has a wide product range, including tugs, workboats, patrol craft, cargo vessels, dredgers, mega yachts and fast ferries. Product design and engineering are carried out in-house and a broad range of designs is available.