Drug Trafficking Thriller With UAE’s Freighter In The Atlantic

Portugal drug enforcement agency, jointly with Portuguese Navy and Air Force, on Oct 26-28 intercepted and seized in the Atlantic, off Morocco coast, ro-ro cargo ship AGAT, and took her to Lisbon. 1130 kilos of cocaine were found, destined for Europe.

It’s an international operation with involvement of law enforcement bodies of France and the UK. Official statement said, that the ship was carrying drugs from Latin America to Europe, but according to AIS track, drug trafficking scheme looks more complicated – the ship sailed in South American direction, at around Oct 10 stopped in the ocean, still far from America, then turned back.Drug Trafficking UAE's

She approached Morocco coast heading for Gibraltar, then took a sharp turn and headed somewhere south, maybe trying to flee. Probably drugs were taken aboard in the ocean, from another vessel. All 17 crew, aging from 24 to 64, were arrested, nationalities not revealed.