Dredger Crew Rescued Part Of The Crew Of Yacht Capella, 2 Of Them Were Already Dead (Video).

Zoekactie en berging zeiljacht Capella from ClubRacer on Vimeo.

On July 1, 2017, around 2 p.m. the “Reynaert” rescued three crew members of the sailing yacht “Capella” from Breskens which had participated in the Light Vessel Sailing Race from and to Zeebrugge. The boat had lost its keel and capsized off Ostend around 8 a.m. The crew also recovered two dead from the sea, one man remained missing.

The victims were the well known yacht designer Frans Maas (79) and his Dutch crew mate Freddy Franssens (70). Missing was Hannes Goegebeur (18). The son of Frans Maas, Andreas Zwanenburg (17), the Dutch Robert Tan (53) and the Belgian Jan Toussein (37) were rescued and taken to hospital and declared during interrogations that the keel of the yachht suddenly had broken off and that the “Capella” immediately turned around so they had no chance of sending a distress signal. The lifeboat “Sterke Dries” recovered the wreck of the yacht and towed it to Ostende.

The full search and storage was led by the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center in Oostende. Participated:

  • Bagherschip Reynaert
  • Lifeboats: Orka, Brandaris, Zeemanshoop, Winnifred and Sterken Dries
  • Pilot Boat Seal
  • Seaking helicopter
  • Dutch SAR plane and helicopter